Our mission is to help our clients solve revenue challenges and drive business growth.

Our Story

Focused on data from day one.

Our journey begins with data. Businesses that leverage data are able to create returns well beyond average – it’s a competitive advantage that creates sustainable revenue growth, higher profit margins, and enables better strategic decisions. With data at the heart of its infrastructure, Founder and CEO James Dressing started KLIK as an ad agency in 2018 with the goal of helping businesses create a sustained ability to improve performance.

In its early years, KLIK focused on driving best-in-class performance marketing for its clients, tying marketing spend directly to return on investment. In 2021, KLIK expanded its lines of business to provide creative and SEO to enable an even stronger return for its partners. Pairing advanced data-first media management with world-class creative and organic services, KLIK is able to holistically deliver rapid improvements to marketing performance.

KLIK’s goal is to make a positive impact on revenue generation and growth for every company it supports. KLIK believes in transparent pricing, organized deliverables, and straightforward visibility into marketing performance. At KLIK, we strive to form personal relationships with team members, knowing that strong relationships combined with a relentless focus on data and analysis allow for understanding gaps and identifying new opportunities.

We have our sights set on becoming the largest, most effective, and most data-forward marketing agency in the world. And we show no signs of slowing down.


Data is in our DNA.


Key Moments at KLIK



KLIK is founded by James Dressing as a performance marketing agency


KLIK signs its first partner, GetSmarter, and begins supporting the company with paid media services and analytics


KLIK opens its first official office in Washington, D.C.



KLIK partners with 2U Inc, one of the largest education technology providers to deliver media management services



KLIK reaches 20 team members



KLIK launches its first brand website, codingbootcamps.io


KLIK expands its services into Creative & SEO


James Dressing, CEO & Founder of KLIK is named as a Washington Business Journal 40 under 40


KLIK reaches 45 team members


KLIK named the third fastest growing agency by AdWeek.

Our mission and values.

At KLIK, our mission is to help our clients achieve their revenue and business growth goals. Our company values guide how we support our clients and lead our decisions each day.



We hire the best talent in the world. We look for individuals who are intrinsically motivated, who simply can’t leave a job unfinished, and who never settle for anything less than 110%.



We want our clients to love our product and who we are. We strive to create a partnership for the long run and focus on building and nurturing our relationships with our clients.



We value our team members as individuals and foster a warm and respectful environment where everyone feels welcome. We balance working hard with having fun and strive to ensure that team members are engaged and fulfilled.



We’re striving to build the best company, products, solutions, customer service, and team in the world. Quality is at the core of everything we do. We won’t settle for anything less.



We place immense faith in our team, and trust team members to use their best judgment and arrive at the right solution. We create a supportive and collaborative environment where team members feel empowered.



We seek out diversity of people, thought, and experience. We create a warm and welcoming environment for those of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life.



We put our team first. We take accountability as a team and work together to come up with the best possible solutions. We share wins and losses.



We embrace innovation and don’t shy away from challenges. We take calculated risks and focus on learning and improving. We empower our team to learn and grow together and as individuals.

Meet our leadership team.

We would not be here today without our people. KLIK strives to foster a team of digital gurus and creative thinkers who are trustworthy, diverse, collaborative, and continuously learning. Meet the amazing faces behind the magic.

James Dressing

Founder and CEO

Mark Thompson

SVP, Data Science

Megan Owens

Chief of Staff

Abbie Ginther

VP, Client Success & Experience

Andrew Barrett

Sr. Account Director

Jyotsna Vasudeva

Sr. Account Director

Kwasi Asare-Darko

Sr. Director of Performance Marketing

Anish Shah

Account Director

Breanna Day

Account Director

Sydney Boyd

Director of Performance Marketing

Jason Oringher

Director of Performance Marketing

Nicola Goodwin

Creative Director

This could be you.

When it comes to hiring, we look for individuals who are intrinsically motivated, who simply can’t leave a job unfinished, and who never settle for anything less than 110%.