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April 1, 2022

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5 Tips for Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Searching for a new agency partner can be a time-consuming and expensive process, especially in the digital marketing industry. With more agencies than ever before, and all claiming to be unique, it can be challenging to read through the noise and find the best match for your team. 

We break down the five areas to focus on when looking for a marketing partner, whether you’re following a formal RFP process or vetting agencies in your network.

1. Start by asking yourself why you’re seeking agency support.

Do you lack internal marketing resources and need to outsource to a team of experts? Are you questioning if your current agency is the right fit and exploring other options? Are you looking for a partner to help you scale your company across product launches and expansions? Are you looking for a specific service in the digital marketing space? Are you looking for additional execution capacity? 

The type of support you are looking for can greatly change who the ideal fit is for your company. At KLIK, we’ve heard all of the above from new partners interested in working with us. We’ve built our company and service offerings in a way that allows us to cater to those various goals – whether you are looking to fully outsource your marketing, work with a growth partner, or use our team as additional bandwidth along with your internal team.

2. Discuss your business model with prospective partners early on and ensure they understand it. 

The key to successful marketing campaigns is understanding your business model and the role marketing plays. Your digital marketing agency should build their strategy to align with your overall business goals, understanding the need to be flexible and adjust as these change over time. 
However, many marketing agencies miss the bigger picture, choosing to focus purely on top-funnel metrics such as impressions, CTR%, CPL, etc. for evaluating performance. While these are undoubtedly important for evaluating performance, they miss the tie to larger business goals. At KLIK, we put an emphasis on quality, looking for channels that drive efficient and quality traffic, leads, and in many cases, customers. We leverage top-funnel metrics to guide our investment, while ultimately aligning with your business goals. This enables us to maximize ROI for our clients no matter what their goal is. 

3. Find a group you are excited to work with who embodies your company values. 

This one might seem cheesy, but at the end of the day, you spend a lot of time working with your agency partner. It is important to choose a group that aligns with your company’s culture and values. One that can integrate seamlessly with your team and get buy-in from your internal stakeholders. 

Similarly, it is important to ensure their approach to client partnership aligns with your expectations. At KLIK, we approach all client relationships as a true partnership, aiming to become embedded and act as an extension of our client’s teams. Our goal is to weave ourselves into your team, processes, etc., and work together to drive results for your business.

4. Find experience in current and anticipated needs.

When looking for a digital marketing agency, it is important to consider your future needs as well as the support you are currently seeking. There are many benefits to choosing a full-service agency over one specialized in a specific skill set. In addition to likely efficiencies in cost and stakeholder management, a full-service digital marketing agency can build an integrated strategy that aligns with your customers throughout their journey. A seamless experience will likely improve your customer acquisition, reducing your bottom line. 

This is the exact approach we take at KLIK. We bring together a team of experts across media channels, creative, and data, to build and execute digital strategies for our clients. Whether your goal is brand awareness, customer acquisition, or somewhere in between, we ensure that each stage of the customer journey is defined. From there we develop a channel and creative strategy to reach your audience wherever they are in the decision cycle. We apply our data-first approach to all areas of our work, building a roadmap focused on data-backed creative, audience, and channel testing. 

5. Seek excellence in terms of experience.

An agency partner is meant to not only execute work and reach your goals but elevate your company as a whole.  They are there to keep you ahead of the latest trends in digital, help you push boundaries, become innovators in your space, and drive revenue for your business. 

When looking for the ideal agency, seek a team with a proven track record in relevant services, industries, and technical areas. Ask for creative examples, review relevant case studies, and pose questions to see how they would tackle your business problems. A team who is serious about partnering with you won’t shy away from investing time upfront to get to know your team and deliver a tailored proposal to meet your needs. 

Searching for a new agency partner doesn’t have to be a daunting experience! Follow these tips to find an agency that best aligns with your business goals. 

Are you looking to work with an agency ranked by AdWeek with expertise across digital? We’d love to connect! Are you unsure of the type of marketing support you need? Send us a note! We’re happy to discuss your goals, review your existing strategy/performance, and guide you on next steps.

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