5 Tips to Target Your Consumer on LinkedIn for Lead Generation

KLIK Staff

April 26, 2021

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How to Use LinkedIn Campaign Manager to Target Your Ideal Customer

LinkedIn Marketing has become a major platform in the digital marketing space, and has proven to be a great channel to generate quality interest for your brand. LinkedIn has the world’s largest professional network, and 2X the buying power of average web audiences.

Differentiated from other platforms, LinkedIn gives you an understanding of the actions your consumer has taken to achieve their career goals: education, interests, industries, and skills.

KLIK put together with our 5 Best Ways to Target on LinkedIn for Lead Gen to help businesses and agencies be successful when advertising on this platform.

The 5 Tips Are:

  1. Understand your consumer location.
  2. Define consumer targeting based on LinkedIn Audience Attributes.
  3. Test different ad formats LinkedIn provides.
  4. Use LinkedIn Demographics tab.
  5. Ensure creative resonates with the target audience (1)

1. Understand your consumer location

When deciding who you are going to target using LinkedIn, the first thing you need to think about is location. You have the option to broaden your audience using a country or state, or you can decide to target niche areas by choosing a specific city or metropolitan area.

When deciding on a location, ask yourself these questions:

  • Where are my potential consumers located in this target audience?
  • Is this location too big or too small for my audience?”
  • Do I want to target only permanent locations?

Answering these questions will allow you to make decisions about what is most important for your location strategy. Location is the most important thing when creating campaigns on LinkedIn, as it allows you to specifically target consumers in the area of your choice. For example, if you are advertising a product that is more well-known on the West Coast, you will most likely see lowered platform conversion costs in California than you will if targeting the United States as a whole. (2)

2. Define consumer targeting based on LinkedIn Audience Attributes

LinkedIn provides an abundance of audience attributes you can choose from to enable you to target your consumer in multiple ways. This allows you to pick and choose different attributes that your potential consumer might have listed on their LinkedIn profile. For example, if you are targeting someone for a Sales Director position, you can use the Job Experience audience attribute to make sure that they have the years of work experience you require.

The main audience categories are:

  • Company
  • Demographics
  • Education
  • Job Experience
  • Interests and Traits
  • Skills

Within each category there are subsections of targeting where you can get more specific with your audience as to who you want to see your advertisement. For example, in the Job Experience category, you can target based on Job Functions, Job Seniorities, Job Titles, Member Skills and years of Experience.

Do research on your product and brainstorm what different audience attributes your consumer will have. A great strategy is to pick a broad variable in your audience attributes such as Years of Experience and Job Seniority and A/B test to understand which performs best. Testing will allow you to better understand who your target audience is and improve your campaign performance over time.

To gain a deeper understanding of LinkedIn’s Attributes available to you, visit the Targeting Options page on their site.

3. Test Different Ad Formats

Once you’ve built your audience using, you can use multiple ad formats to target. You can test each ad format, determine what works best for each audience, and then optimize based on your findings. (3)

When creating a campaign, LinkedIn provides seven different ad formats from which to you may choose.

  1. Single Image Ad – This is the most used advertisement. They appear next to normal LinkedIn members’ content.
  2. Carousel Image Ad – You can have an interactive story here, using 2-10 cards to create a customizable advertisement with call to action buttons on each card.
  3. Video Ad – Same placement as a single image ad but instead is an interactive video.
  4. Text Ad – These display on the side rail or inline of a consumer’s screen, they are also the easiest to create as there is no design element.
  5. Spotlight Ad – This is displayed on the right side of the consumer’s page and includes the user’s profile picture next to your logo.
  6. Message Ad – Sends direct messages to consumers with a single call to action button on the bottom.
  7. Conversation Ad – Direct messages similar to message ads but includes multiple Calls To Action which can each link to distinct locations or landing pages.

4. Use the LinkedIn Demographics Tab

The demographics tab of LinkedIn is an extremely insightful tool to understand who within your target audience is actually an impression and who is clicking through your advertisements. This tool can allow you to brainstorm new audiences by combining top performing attributes into different audiences. As shown below, you can see who are the top Job Titles viewing your page, and how that has changed over time, enabling you to optimize your targeting to those top Job Titles.


When using this data, it’s important to remember that the totals for attributes may not add up to the number of leads generated. For example, one conversion can count for multiple attributes – a person may have two job titles or two job functions – it will count for both, even though it may only be one person. Another thing to keep in mind is that, with new user privacy policies, some user’s data will not be shared in the demographics tab.

5. Use Creative That Resonates With Your Audience

Like other channels, creative – both messaging and design – can make or break your campaign on LinkedIn. If you have the correct audience but the creative does not align, you will not generate quality conversions. Conversely, if you have the correct creative, but wrong audience you will see low click through rates and conversion rates and high conversion costs. The key with imagery and copy is to align the right audience with the right message.

When assessing whether creative resonates with your audience you should use your available top funnel data to set an initial benchmark, and then test to understand whether the creative outperforms or underperforms that benchmark. The metrics to use here are: click-through-rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CVR).

Generally, if you are seeing a high click-through-rate, that means that your audience is resonating with your creative messaging. If you are seeing a low click-through-rate, your creative probably does not match up well with the audience you’ve selected. Best practice is to refresh creative around every two weeks (and sometimes more frequently, depending on your budget and audience size) to ensure that your audience does not continue to see the same imagery and message for too long.

Wrap Up

LinkedIn has a great platform for reaching consumers when it comes to Lead Generation and conversion-based marketing, and it can help you achieve your marketing goals when used correctly. Decide your location, create your audience, test different ad formats, use the LinkedIn demographic tool, and leverage the right creative. KLIK uses the five strategies listed above to successfully run ads on LinkedIn for our clients.

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