A Day in the Life of KLIK’s Matt Martin

KLIK Staff

October 7, 2021

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Hello everyone! My name is Matt Martin. I’m from Charleston, South Carolina, and I’m going to answer some questions about a “typical” day in the life at KLIK. 

How do you begin the day? 

I’ll be honest. I’m not a huge morning person, so I often wake up later than most of my other friends–– probably closer to 8am. Then, after the most important meal of the day and watching a few morning TikToks, it’s time to catch up on morning messages and map out the day. 

Do you work from home or in-person? 

Both! Some of my post-grad friends have shared horror stories about mandatory in-person days with limited health and safety precautions, while KLIK has given me the complete opposite experience. 

In lockstep with regional CDC guidelines, KLIK has allowed for optional in-person return when local experts have signed-off, so I’ve been slowly starting to go to the office a couple times a week. I’ve found that midday ping pong breaks aren’t a bad incentive either. 

How’s the morning commute?

Well, I actually live a short 10 minute walk away, so it’s really nice. Ballston has been such a fun area to live in and feels like a city within a city. It’s been exciting to watch new shops, restaurants, and businesses open up every week. 

What does a “typical” work from home day look like? 

In the year-and-a-half I’ve been at KLIK, I’ve had exactly zero repeat days. Each new day has its own goals and challenges with every week looking totally unique. That said, if I had to summarize the gist of a day, I’d say lately I often start the first hour of the day by updating my to-do list, catching up on slacks/emails, and getting a read of account pacing and performance. After that, I might hop on call for a stand-up to discuss project updates and goal setting. Midday, I’m often working with others to collaborate on new ideas in cross-organizational committees. On other days, I’m connecting with clients in the afternoon to roadmap plans for new tests to drive revenue and efficiency. At the end of my day, I sometimes find myself helping train newer members, joining hiring calls, or planning the next KLIK company event (a Halloween-themed 5k!). 

Do you take any breaks?
Working from home can be great for that 0-minute commute and setting the room temperature to be just right, but I’d have trouble focusing if I didn’t take at least a few breaks. Often, I’ll take a quick walk and call a friend, listen to a favorite podcast while cooking lunch at home, and even head to the gym for a mental reset. Throughout the week, we also make sure to set aside some time for team breaks, whether it be lunches at Ballston Quarter, trivia events, or essential group Starbucks runs. 

How often do you work with others? 

Every day of the week! Collaboration is baked into our culture and it’s one of the qualities that drew me to KLIK in the first place. A lot of the issues that come up in digital marketing require creativity, problem solving, and frequent communication. Working with others is something I always look forward to each day. 

Favorite part about working for KLIK? 

The sky is the limit! As a marketing agency and start-up, there is no upward limit to what can be accomplished with new tests, new projects, and new clients rolling in every week. As someone that loves to learn and learn often, KLIK has been an incredible environment for fostering engagement and professional growth.

If any of that sounds like somewhere you could potentially see yourself, connect with us and find your place at KLIK.

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