A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketing Coordinator with Delena Swaby

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KLIK Staff

February 17, 2022

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My day starts right before the sunrises at about 5:00 am with my puppy, Bella, opening her eyes as well. After a few moments to myself and planning what my morning will look like, I say a few morning affirmations to start the day. I am a very active person and strongly believe in being healthy inside and out. Before I head to the gym, Bella gives me the look of, “Mom I have to go!”

Delena's dog, Bella

Once I’m back from our quick bathroom break, I am in the car and off to the gym. Usually, I will be back home at about 6:40 am, and it is time for breakfast and, of course, a cup of coffee is on the menu. Sometimes I will make coffee at home, but on those lazy days a trip to Starbucks is necessary. Then at about 8:50 am, I log onto my iMac and work laptop to start the day.

Work Day

Each workday morning starts off by checking on my various accounts for our client to make sure that we are pacing towards the proposed budget and KPIs. From there, I look into Tableau, SA360, and Google Ads to see where I can make improvements within a certain account. Once completed, I check my Google Calendar to see what meetings I may have for the day.

The one thing I love the most is that no two days are the same, which keeps me excited for what is to come! In any given week, I am exposed to:

  • Campaign Launches / Expansion 
  • Tableau/Google Training 
  • Geo Structure/Expansion
  • Paid Search Copy Analysis

Final Thoughts

Over my short time working with the company so far, I have learned so much from my teammates. The one highlight that I have had so far was playing Skribbl! I was able to get to know my team better, and we shared so many laughable moments. That is when I knew that this is a place where work is being done, but we can also have fun at the same time! 

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