A Guide to Social Media Management Tools

KLIK Staff

June 30, 2021

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Discover the top tools for scheduling, monitoring, and analyzing your social media content.

Managing social media in a business setting is so much more than taking a picture and pressing “post.” Whether you are uploading content to build a brand organically or managing paid marketing efforts across platforms, it’s become nearly essential to use third-party tools to save time on posting, and ensure you’re reaching the right audiences at the right time. A majority of social media scheduling and management tools integrate with multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to provide all-in-one solutions to efficiently posting content.

KLIK has broken down some of the most popular and powerful tools for scheduling, monitoring, reporting on, and creating content. From scheduling to monitoring and analyzing content, and even diving into the ever-popular influencer space, one or more of these products might be the solution for optimizing your workflow and leveling up your content.

Social Media Scheduling

  • HootSuite: With a customer base of over 16 million, HootSuite is a market leader for social media scheduling, especially among agencies. Their social media stream feature creates an interactive dashboard view to schedule and monitor content across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Youtube. Integration with more than 150 third-party apps provides solutions to streamlining processes and accessing critical data and reporting. HootSuite offers a free limited plan for users interested in testing the platform.
  • Sendible: Sendible allows individuals or businesses to craft tailored posts to each platform they manage. The range of scheduling capabilities includes the ability to schedule posts individually, through queues or by uploading an entire campaign in bulk. The “smart post” feature adjusts posts to the UI of each social network with relevant captions, hashtags, and emojis. Lastly, an interactive calendar view allows for easy scheduling adjustment and the recycling of successful content.
  • SproutSocial: This product functions as a collaborative social media management platform and allows for scheduled publishing across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. In one calendar view, users can schedule all their posts across any channel they manage and view previews of how their content appears across different interfaces. In-depth analytics tools like advanced social listening and custom reporting to your pre-set KPIs make SproutSocial a great solution across all of these categories.

Social Media Monitoring

  • Google Alerts: While this is less of a product and more of a feature, it’s one that no marketer should forget to utilize in the monitoring space! Google Alerts lets you receive regular notifications for mentions across the web for any keyword or phrase of your choosing. Receive daily or weekly alerts for mentions of your product, competitor, or other relevant terms. Users also have the ability to set specific alert criteria like language or region. Google’s complete dominance in the search space ensures that the platform is not likely to miss any key traffic.
  • Synthesio: Tracking simultaneous social media conversations with A.I. is where Synthesio shines. Marketers can make informed business decisions with deep insights into users’ ever-changing motivations, preferences, and attitudes. Their next-gen A.I. even has the ability to extract repeated consumer language and identify emerging trends around your product or brand. For amateurs, pre-packaged dashboards lead to an easy set-up.
  • Talkwalker: Using more than 50 filters across 150 million data sources, Talkwalker’s powerful suite of tools allows brands and individuals to analyze comments, reach, engagements and brand sentiment. Users can perform unlimited free hashtag and keyword searches across social media platforms, news, blogs, and forums. Real-time reporting and demographic information like age, gender, and occupation helps to craft actionable insights and allow marketers to meet their audience where they live.

Social Media Influencer Management

  • BuzzSumo: For those looking to dive into the growing influencer marketing space, BuzzSumo might be the right product. In addition to discovery and research tools that help users explore high-performing and trending content, BuzzSumo’s influencer marketplace connects brands with online personalities with engaged audiences and genuine authority on Instagram, Twitter and the web. The company’s API tools and Chrome extension lets publishers to track content performance and their free plan allows users to search up to one year of historical data.
  • Klear: Klear takes brands or individuals through the entire influencer marketing journey. First, the in-house influencer marketplace provides advanced performance metrics, empowering brands to choose the best fit for their needs. Then, the management CRM serves as a homebase for managing multiple influencers and optimizing workflow. Finally, campaign performance is quantified with reporting tools and the measurement of aggregated mentions, engagements, true reach and ROI.
  • TapInfluence: The success of influencer marketing campaigns can be hard to see, but those metrics come into focus with TapInfluence. The platform breaks down the metrics behind individual influencers, like their total reach and cost per engagement. Brands can do their own research before reaching out for potential partners, and create efficient workflows that measure KPIs with TapInfluence’s tools.

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