Appreciate the Moment

KLIK Staff

July 9, 2020

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My name is Lauren Rasco and I joined KLIK in June 2020 as a digital marketing coordinator. I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a double major in economics and advertising. I’ve always liked working with numbers, hence the economics major, but searched for a while in college until I landed on the advertising major. I felt this was the perfect balance for myself and found the best of both worlds. I was able to pursue my interest in numbers and data, alongside my interest in creativity. There has always been something about agency life that has pulled me in, though I was unsure what that was for a while and could not exactly picture myself there. Apart from this, I’ve always had an interest in law and felt that pursuing this straight out of college was the safest option.

As a child, I grew up hearing about the importance of planning ahead. Nearly any situation could arise and planning ahead would always make it easier, as my parents believed. To no one’s surprise, I grew up with a plan in mind – to graduate college with a job at a top corporate law firm in the country. The pandemic began taking real effect in early March, and I slowly watched my plan crumble apart as several companies paused hiring. I felt frustrated with the lack of control that I had during these uncertain times.

After graduating, I continued to spend my time pursuing a job in law. Over time, the search grew futile and I began thinking about my other interests – data and marketing. At some point in my search, I came upon KLIK. It seemed like a refreshing opportunity with a chance for growth. Some days later, I received an email from James Dressing to schedule an initial phone conversation. There are some conversations you have with prospective employers where you feel stuck in a box, like you should say certain things to impress them. My initial conversation with James was nothing like that. I felt comfortable, like I could express myself. I was very impressed with his determination, the growth of the company, and his positive outlook during such a challenging time. I previously thought that I’d have to pick between data or marketing for a career, never both. KLIK changed that and presented the opportunity to mesh these two interests perfectly.

As someone who thought big name companies were the way to go, I say with pride that my decision to work at KLIK was a great one. Rather than getting lost in the commotion of a large company, I have a real chance of being heard and making a difference. From day one, I have been trusted to take on important tasks that impact the company’s performance and the client directly. I’ve always thought the people who make up a company are of utmost importance. Everyone at KLIK is approachable, kind, and very helpful. I see exponential growth in the next few weeks, as I have already experienced. I now found what I enjoy about agency life. It’s the teamwork, the constant flow of new ideas, and the chance to always be heard – all of which I see working at KLIK. Working in digital marketing out of college was not a part of my original plan, but I see now it is the best decision I could have made. I am thrilled to be part of KLIK’s continued growth in the industry. Working here is teaching me to appreciate the moment, rather than the next few steps.

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