Facebook Improves Advertising Efficiency for Nonprofits

KLIK Staff

December 9, 2021

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Facebook has released feature upon feature in recent years to enable ecommerce and lead-focused businesses to reach their goals: tagging products in organic posts, dynamic ads for catalog sales, on-platform lead generation ads, on-platform shopping. Not falling into either category, non-profits have been left with only organic options for page fundraisers and donation buttons for posts and pages.

That changed this fall when Facebook released new features to directly improve the impact of Facebook advertising for nonprofits. These features are huge for a category of companies that often operate on shoestring budgets and strict resources to ensure cost-efficiency with advertising. Facebook’s new donation tools allow for more efficient advertising and a more streamlined donation process for users.

Donation Event Conversions

Nonprofits that are approved for Facebook’s fundraising tools can now run ads that allow users to donate directly on Facebook. Rather than send users to an offsite landing page where they must enter their full personal and payment information, this conversion location keeps the user on Facebook or Instagram and autofills any information that the platform already has. It may take as little as two clicks and no text entry from ad impression to donation completion for users that already have Facebook Pay set up.

This can be especially helpful if resources are limited for website improvements. It eliminates the need for a landing page, conversion rate optimization tactics, and web development resources since the user never has to leave Facebook to donate to the cause.

The best part: Facebook does not take a fee from on-platform donations. The only cost to the non-profit is the advertising dollars put behind the ad campaign.

Donation Custom Audiences

There are also two new custom audience options for non-profits. These audiences can be used when running ads to the Facebook Donations conversion location. These options give non-profit advertisers the opportunity to find people that are already champions for their cause and target them with the on-platform donation ads.

People who created a fundraiser for your Page

Those users who choose to create a fundraiser for your company on Facebook for their birthday? This option gives you the opportunity to target them again to donate directly to your cause and keep your brand top of mind.

People who donated to your Page

These users have chosen to give to your nonprofit on Facebook in the past either directly through your page or through a fundraiser for your page. Target them again to drive additional donations.

The best part: both custom audience options are also available to be used as a lookalike source. This can extend your reach even further to a targeted audience that shares the same attributes as your past donors.

Using these features for your next donation-focused campaign can help you find the right audience and convert them to donors directly in the Facebook platform. With the combination of tools for targeting and converting donors through ads and the options for gaining traction organically, Facebook is carving out a great spot for nonprofits to continue making an impact in their communities.

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