Planning a Perfect iPhone Photoshoot: Our Top Tips

KLIK Staff

October 5, 2021

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The pandemic has presented many challenges to businesses across every industry. If you’re looking for a way to save budget on content creation for your next campaign, try planning a photoshoot with your iPhone. Here are a few tips to consider before taking a shot.

Draft a Shot List

Planning your shots, props, and setting beforehand will maximize your efficiency on the day of your photoshoot. Be as detailed as possible. Including shots of inspiration that can also help you capture the perfect shot.

Find the Light

The most important aspect of any photoshoot is the light source. Generally, a dark setting won’t lend to high-quality images no matter how great a flash  picture  or night mode might look on screen. Natural light is best for photography, so your apartment or office window will work just fine. Turn off your house lights to ensure a crisp image. If you don’t get a lot of sunlight, artificial photography lighting is surprisingly cheap; If you plan on doing more shoots, it’s a great investment.

Hold Still with a Tripod

Believe it or not, one of the hardest parts of freehand photography is holding your phone still. Any movement of the hand while shooting could result in a blurry subject and poor resolution. An easy way to solve this problem is by purchasing a tripod. You can find affordable phone tripods for around $20 anywhere online  now-a-days.

Don’t Miss an Angle

Some products look better at certain perspectives, so it’s key you capture your subject in every angle possible. One easy way to remember this is to capture three photos at different heights—above the subject, at eye level, and slightly below the subject—while you rotate in a circle four times. This will give you 12 different options for editing. In addition, use the iPhone’s wide-angle lens to give your subject a different perspective. This feature is especially great for capturing landscapes and subjects in close range.

Record a Video

If you’ve put a lot of time and effort into your photoshoot, by using props or backgrounds, take a few minutes to record a short video. Not only do videos lead to higher conversions, but they also provide value to your social profiles (think cover photos and Instagram Stories) and paid media mix.

Pick a Preset

Add a professional and uniform touch to your photos by editing all the images with the same settings or using a filter. VSCO is a popular tool that provides hundreds of amazing filters to boost any image. The premium version even allows you to save your own filters for easy editing.

More Ways to Save Time

  • Favorite your photos after you edit or add them to a new shared album for easy access.
  • If you like an image, duplicate it three times and crop it in vertical, square, and landscape orientation. This will make it easy to post across all social media platforms.
  • Once you’re happy with your images, airdrop them directly to your Mac or upload them to your storage platform of choice.

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