Joining a DC Startup

KLIK Staff

June 22, 2020

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My name is Victoria Henry and I’m a Digital Media Coordinator here at KLIK! I moved down to the DC area after graduating from Loyola University of Maryland (May 2018), where I was a double-major in Economics and Marketing, as well as a member of the Track & Field team. I transitioned from a role in market research to the digital marketing world in June 2019.

I always had an interest in both creativity and numbers, and through college, I worked to develop skills in both areas through marketing and economics. Upon graduating, I knew I wanted to pursue a career where I had the ability to continue to challenge myself, while also being able to marry my econ and marketing background. My first job out of college was in a market research firm, where I quickly learned the power of data, and helped me develop a foundation of analytical thinking. While I gained a breadth of relevant knowledge, I also quickly learned that company culture is almost, if not more, important than the work itself. Think about it – you spend almost a third of your life at your job – Do you really want to spend that time somewhere you don’t like? Once I realized this, I knew I wanted to be a part of a team, rather than just another employee at a company. I wanted to work in a company where my input would be heard and my work would be recognized. This ideal brought me to search for a smaller start-up where I could make a direct and immediate impact to the growth of the company.

From my previous work experiences, as well as my education, I knew I wanted to stay in the marketing field. In the summer leading up to my senior year of college, I interned at the HQ of a retail company in the e-commerce marketing department, which exposed me to the world of digital marketing. When I started my job search, KLIK grabbed my attention right away. I read about this small digital marketing start-up with the drive to become the best ad agency in Washington DC and immediately wanted to learn more. Upon meeting James and the rest of the company, I felt like I was already part of the team. One quote stuck out to me in my interview that solidified my interest in the company. “Humble, but hungry” was used to describe the atmosphere and work style of the company. As a retired college athlete, these words have always rung true to me and I instantly knew this was an environment I could thrive in.

Fast-forward almost 8 months later and I can safely say that joining KLIK was a game changer. After being in a hostile work environment in my first job out of college, I was afraid that all workplaces would be the same, but that’s not the case! It’s great to be a part of a team that emphasizes employee happiness and work-life balance, as well as being in a position where I enjoy the work I do and am challenged to grow into a stronger analyst. Being a junior-level employee and still being encouraged to innovate and voice your opinion is both encouraging and inspiring. It’s refreshing to be part of a team where everyone is supportive of each others’ professional and personal growth, both in and outside of the office.

It’s so exciting to see the growth and success the company has faced in just the past 8 months that I’ve been here, with taking on a multitude of new clients and hiring many more awesome and talented individuals. We’re all humble, but hungry, to become the best marketing agency in the DC area and we’re well on our way to getting there!

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