Meet the Interns – Part One

KLIK Staff

December 6, 2018

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My name is Ryan Tavares and I am a Klik Media intern. I am 19 years young and a rising sophomore at George Washington University. I am planning on majoring in international business and minoring in philosophy. I live outside of Philadelphia and I am a part of a family of five.  

I enjoy reading, looking at art, and eating good food. My favorite book so far is either the Alchemist or 1984. My favorite place to go in D.C. so far is the French Gallery at the National Museum.  The food in D.C. is also amazing. My favorite dining experiences so far were at the Blue Duck Tavern and at Maketto. Finishing up my freshman year, I was planning on going home for the summer but I heard of an opportunity at an advertising agency startup company.  The one thing I wanted out of an internship was to learn valuable skills and I knew interning at a large, established company, important work is rarely placed on interns. However, at a startup, I knew that the environment is constantly changing and the risk is very high for the company.  The combination of the skills that could be learned, the possibilities for the future of the company, and the constant excitement drew me into the internship at Klik Media.

After finishing up my first week at the office, I know that the decision I made was the correct one and I am very excited to see where the internship takes me for the rest of the summer.

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