My Internship with KLIK – Katie Carmody

KLIK Staff

May 14, 2020

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My name is Katie Carmody and I’m a graduating senior at the University of Maryland, College Park, double majoring in Marketing and Finance. I was a digital marketing intern with KLIK over my final spring semester, and I’m excited to share about the great experience I had, as well as the exciting potential KLIK holds for future interns!

Prior to KLIK, it was really hard for me to picture my post graduate career — I was confused about what industry I should work in, and whether I should go the marketing or finance route, assuming that my two majors did not go hand in hand. Over the past three years, I had interned in a Financial Planning and Analysis role with Under Armour, Finance at NordLB Bank, and in Campaign Fundraising and Planning. After these roles and leadership positions in mostly marketing and fundraising initiatives, I could still only decipher that I had an affinity for numbers, but also a creative energy that didn’t fit within any of the roles I had tried out.

I began researching digital marketing agencies for jobs after school, making a jump from my previous two internships in finance. I loved what I read on KLIK’s blog about current analysts having made a similar switch, and how their roles included data driven marketing, problem solving, and client relationships. Determined to find out if this role matched my skill set, I offered to work as an unpaid intern during the last semester of my senior year. James, the founder, and Chris, my soon to be manager, took me up on this, and even paid me. KLIK’s culture consists of people who are eager to learn and very driven to develop professionally, and expressing how I aligned with this mentality helped me get my foot in the door.

I was on-boarded and trained in parallel with a new full-time coordinator, which showed me right off the bat the KLIK was willing to invest in my growth. Whereas a college marketing education only scratches the surface of digital marketing, we were deep diving into the marketing funnel, analysis methods and important metrics used. In less than two weeks, I was helping account managers with numerous projects in Google Ads like ad copy revisions, data analysis for search query reports, and making adjustments to keyword and location targeting. Being quickly thrown into different tasks and challenged early on allowed me to fully absorb what I was learning through training and develop strong analysis and problem-solving skills.

In addition to the great breadth of work I was exposed to at KLIK, I received valuable mentorship and feedback from KLIK that further helped me to grow. My manager, Chris, gave me constructive advice by week three, on what I could focus on improving, and the areas I had a natural talent for. I emphasized how important ongoing feedback was to me during my interview, and it meant a lot that Chris followed through on this.

Overall, it’s very true that interning with startups like KLIK present a unique opportunity to grow and have an impact, and this experience was pivotal to my professional development. Additionally, seeing how fast KLIK has grown in terms of its strategy and client portfolio since just 2018, shows the ever growing range of projects that future interns can be involved on. I would highly recommend interning with a rising digital marketing agency like KLIK, and would be happy to share more about my experience with anyone interested!

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