Speaker Series: Nicole Barrett from 2U

KLIK Staff

May 31, 2019

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Welcome to the Guest Speaker Series! KLIK invites leading professionals in the digital marketing space to give advice on career development, building a leading and lasting company, media management, analytics, and other topics.

Nicole Barrett, Brand Marketing Director at 2U, came to the KLIK office to talk about how to think about growing a company and building a great brand.  In her role, Nicole works with leading colleges and universities to help build the world’s best digital higher education.

When asked her perspective on how KLIK should think about scale, she stressed the usefulness of building a coherent strategy and following it closely.

The first place to start is determining what your company’s standout differentiator is. What makes you a better choice/fit than your competition? Is it the quality of your work? The price? Your engagements with clients? Whatever your differentiator, make sure to tailor your strategy around it.

For KLIK, we believe that we are better at driving revenue for clients than any other agency due to our focus on valuing every dollar we spend, structuring testing to consistently learn, and spending time in person to better understand each distinct business model.

Nicole also advised us on how to prep for stakeholder meetings. As an agency, it’s critical that we go into every meeting prepared and focused. She mentioned that most people generally only can hold three things in their minds at a time, meaning that we should prepare our top three points before going into any conversation.

The last thing we discussed with Nicole was the importance of culture within a company. We have the rare opportunity to build our culture completely from scratch but want to be cognizant at the start to build something empowering and sustainable. Nicole simply said that we should care about each other as people first- build each other up, focus on having a growth mindset, and realize that at the end of the day we’re all people with the same mission.

We had a great time with Nicole and hope to welcome her back again in the future. KLIK appreciates all her advice, and can’t wait to see her continue to be a rockstar at 2U!

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