The Common Ground Between Data and Creativity

KLIK Staff

November 27, 2019

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My name is Laurel Wind and I started as a Digital Marketing Coordinator in the Washington DC office at KLIK in September 2019. I started my undergrad as a graphic design major, but always felt like I was missing something. After a gen-ed math class, I started studying media analytics and statistics. I spent the next two years running between the art building and the math department until I met a professor who suggested looking into a career that combines the two. As a result, I spent the following two years using data in art projects, convincing my analytics professors that an art degree wasn’t a waste of time, and exploring how data and design work together. I ultimately learned that in most agencies, they don’t work together at all.

From the day I declared a double major in both creative and technical fields, I assumed I would have to pick one or the other if I wanted to fit into an agency. As someone who has always defined themselves as equally left and right-brained, I often had to flip to one side or the other when searching for career opportunities. I always felt bucketed into a category I didn’t entirely fit into. I worked on the creative side, where logical thinking and data weren’t welcome, and worked in digital marketing, which only cared about impressions and clicks and didn’t believe creativity and innovation had a place in such a data-driven industry.

By the time I graduated, I knew I wanted to work for a company who held a similar belief that creativity was more than aesthetics and analytics was more than figuring out how to get the greatest number of clicks. I wanted to work for a company I genuinely didn’t believe existed: one that saw the power of the combination of left and right-brained thinking.

When I spoke with Jason Oringher and James Dressing in my first and second interviews, I knew we shared a similar mindset and frustration with the way ad agencies use analytics. It was refreshing to hear them explain how KLIK was working to change the digital marketing industry. Within minutes of meeting the rest of the team, I quickly saw how KLIK practices what it preaches in innovative thinking and creative approaches to digital strategy and media management.

Since starting in September I’ve been trained in software and strategy while being encouraged to ask questions and innovate. I hit the ground running on my first day and the pace hasn’t slowed down since. KLIK is well on its way to becoming the best agency and I’m excited to see what the future has in store!

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