Why I Joined KLIK – Jason Oringher

KLIK Staff

April 5, 2019

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My name is Jason Oringher, and I joined KLIK Media as a Digital Marketing Analyst in December 2018! Similar to Katya, another analyst at KLIK, I came into the marketing industry with a bit of an unconventional background. I double-majored in accounting and finance at the University of Maryland, and during the summer after my sophomore year, I participated in an externship with PwC.

This was a great experience that led to a full internship in audit the next summer and a full-time offer post-grad, which I accepted. I spent two years working in the Private Company Services group at PwC and met countless intelligent, driven, passionate people who made working there an awesome place to start my career. I learned tons of skills on client interaction and how to work with teams to successfully accomplish projects with tight deadlines.

However, it didn’t take very long to realize that audit was not a career that I saw myself in long-term, and I began brainstorming other industries where a pivot could make sense. Of course, it needed to be something that I felt my skill set would translate well to, but more importantly, I wanted to do something I would enjoy.

I’ve always had an innate interest in the concept of marketing, and I knew I wanted to move to an area where I would have more room for creative input and an opportunity to strategically attack and solve business problems. During my job search, I came across KLIK and met with James Dressing, who described to me his revenue-first data-driven approach to digital marketing and the vision behind the company he founded.

I was inspired by his passion to grow the largest and best ad agency in the DC area, and the massive growth I saw in a company that had existed for less than a year was extremely impressive. A couple of weeks after our initial meeting, I found myself deciding between an offer to join KLIK Media or a larger, more established company in a similar industry. In weighing the pros and cons each had to offer, I understood the risk I would be taking in joining an early start-up without the stability of a big corporation. But I was ready to take a chance, and at a point in my career where it made sense to do so. The opportunity I would have at KLIK to make a direct impact both for our business and our clients was too good to pass up.

Within my first couple hours at KLIK, I already found myself sitting in a client meeting, and the pace has not slowed since. The day-to-day is constantly changing along with the industry, and it keeps the work exciting and fresh. While a career pivot is intimidating, James’s expertise in the field and focus on teaching and training has ensured that I am developing new skills and learning on the fly. While the training is not as standardized as you would find at a further-along company, it is more specialized and hands-on, making the learnings more easily applied directly in the work we do.

I have had the opportunity in my few months here to work directly with PYT Beauty, a startup makeup company, and GetSmarter, an online education business, to help manage their paid media. I’ve already gotten significant exposure to Facebook Ads Manager and Google Ads, and have been trusted with the autonomy to make spend decisions across a portfolio with total yearly budget of nearly $1 million. As PYT is a seed-funded start-up, we’ve had major input in their constantly evolving business strategy and helped to improve their return on ad spend by 5x since only November.

I admit I never expected to find myself working in the makeup industry (although I have a newfound appreciation for the number of products that exist within it…), but the potential for collaboration opportunities with these types of growing companies in a wide variety of industries is very exciting. Being able to pair up with smaller start-ups that may not have the marketing budgets to hire larger agencies is an interesting space to be in. It means we’re not limited to one specific industry, it keeps us constantly learning as we generally have more room to test, and it makes the work we do more rewarding when it results in success for our clients.

Since I joined only 3 months ago, KLIK Media has already entered into major contracts with several new clients that weren’t even in the pipeline when I started. We’ve hired four additional full-time employees. We’ve relocated our office to a beautiful, brand new space in the center of Ballston, an area that’s been booming in the last year. I’m extremely confident that I made the right choice in joining the KLIK team, and am incredibly excited to see what the next year holds for us.

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