Why I Joined KLIK – Meet Katherine Bond

KLIK Staff

August 12, 2021

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A Culture That Isn’t Comfortable With the Status Quo

Like everyone else in the world, I remember exactly where I was in my life in March 2020. Six weeks out from graduating from the University of Richmond with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing, I was beginning to interview at companies in NYC and DC and was excited to celebrate my accomplishments from the last 4 years.

Although finishing my degree over Zoom at my parent’s kitchen table because of a global pandemic wasn’t how I imagined my time in college would end, I soon had to actually start looking for a job. I honestly had minimal requirements in my job: I wanted to work at a startup that was doing innovative work in marketing. In the last year, KLIK has not only met those “requirements” but provided me with so much more.

I’m lucky to work with a group of people who are smart, supportive and push me to produce the best results possible for our clients. KLIK has challenged me to learn new skills, whether that’s writing copy for social ads or building new dashboards to provide top-class data for our clients. What I love most about KLIK is that we don’t get too comfortable with the status quo. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our strategy, processes, and training.

On an individual level, KLIK provides each of us autonomy and independence in our work, instilling a deep sense of trust in their employees. Because of the flexible nature of a startup, we collaborate across all levels of seniority within the organization, allowing each of us to learn from each other regardless of what our title is.

Given all that I have learned in the past year at KLIK, I’m confident that my next year here will be just as exciting and fulfilling. That’s the great part about working at a startup – there are always new skills to be learned and no day is ever exactly the same!

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