Why I Joined KLIK – Matt Martin

KLIK Staff

June 29, 2020

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My name is Matt Martin and I joined the KLIK team about a month ago as a Digital Marketing Coordinator. 

It’s kind of funny. When I think back to when I first applied for my position at KLIK, I had no idea my life could change so radically, so quickly

I was a senior at Furman University, trying to pin down the right postgraduate plan in my college dining hall on an otherwise unordinary night. I was eating a plate-sized chocolate chip waffle; my four years of college had shown me that this set of circumstances was when I did some of my best work. And then, in my search, I came across KLIK.

The Furman University Breakfast of Champions

I still remember being impressed by KLIK–– and their list of accomplishments given their short lifetime as a company–– and so I sent in my application, and then took an unusually chilly February walk back to my apartment. 

That weekend it snowed–– which if you are familiar with the climate of Travelers Rest, South Carolina, you’d know it’s a pretty big deal. Classes were cancelled, twin mattresses morphed into sleds, and hot chocolate mix sold out everywhere. 

And then on Monday, as suddenly as it began, the snow melted away. Assignments had piled up and my email inbox was near-full. And yet buried in this snowstorm of emails was one from KLIK.

Later that afternoon I had a 30-minute phone call with the Chief of Staff and I knew I had found where I wanted to work. In all honesty, I probably shouldn’t have felt so certain from such a quick conversation. And still in that short time, I could tell KLIKwas a unique group of people who listen, who care, and who want to do better. 

I felt so sure I was right about KLIK that I drove some 8+ hours just to be able to do the final round of my interview in person. To my excitement, I was offered the position! Even though I had a couple other offers still outstanding, I trusted my gut and decided to hit full-send on KLIK.  

And then without warning, I would see the world become something almost unrecognizable in a matter of weeks. A global health crisis, an economic crisis, and a political crisis taught me to view my life in much more temporary terms. For a second time, the snow had melted away.

The easiest feeling seemed to be fear, but the decisions that I saw KLIK make in the weeks that followed were in direct contradiction to fear. Group discussions included informative and restorative tools. Team members engaged in empathy-driven conversations. Company leadership adopted corporate matching policies. In spite of these unprecedented circumstances, KLIK showed me in action how to turn a time of hardship into a transformative moment. 

And now, one month into the job, I’m really proud to be able to look back and see how much I’ve grown personally and professionally alongside those in the company. At the end of each day, I’m incredibly grateful to work for a team that cares as hard as they work. And with this gratitude comes a sense of optimism that I realize does not seem fit for the world we live in right now. And still, I am so grateful, and so hopeful, and so excited for what’s to come for KLIK. 

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