Why I Joined KLIK – Meet Matthew Jennings

KLIK Staff

December 14, 2021

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Hello! I’m Matthew Jennings and I work as a Marketing Coordinator at KLIK. I graduated from Davidson College in 2019 with a degree in Economics and no real job prospects. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I was sure that it definitely was not finance, like most of my peers. After moving to Washington, DC, I accepted one of the first job offers I received out of desperation. That’s how I ended up in what I call, “my year in sales”. 

Almost immediately, I could tell working in business development was not my calling. Surprisingly, I did not enjoy being rejected 80 -100 times per day over the phone. I gave myself a one year deadline to gain work experience, figure out what the next step in my career would be, and attend as many corporate happy hours as possible. At that one year mark I had decided I wanted to transition into marketing and started actively looking for new opportunities. I stumbled across KLIK’s job posting on LinkedIn for a Marketing Coordinator position and decided to apply. 

I was particularly drawn to KLIK because of the company’s focus on data analysis and its emphasis on using data to inform creative problem solving. As an economics major who’s education focused primarily on data analysis, I felt like this was a natural step into the world of marketing. 

Since starting with KLIK in October of 2020, I have learned so much about digital marketing and how to manage performance campaigns in paid search and social channels. Each day is fast paced and engaging and I am always thinking critically about what’s best for my client. 

Being a startup, there are constantly new opportunities to upskill, voice innovative ideas, and take on new projects. Though not one of my main job duties, one of my favorite responsibilities is leading the fun committee which plans monthly social events for the entire company.

Overall, I’ve been very happy at KLIK and thankful for the opportunity to grow as a digital marketing professional. It’s exciting to work for one of the fastest growing marketing agencies and to be a part of such an intelligent and driven team!

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