Why I Joined KLIK – Sam Miller

KLIK Staff

July 9, 2021

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Building a company through finding the people power

My name is Sam Miller and I recently joined KLIK as a Lead Recruiter. Most recruiters don’t grow up with dreams of joining a staffing agency, and that was true for me. I was a politically astute kid who subsequently found himself studying political science at the University of Maryland. And like many of us who pursue a liberal arts degree, a challenging post-college job search led me into an unrelated field. A small staffing agency took a chance on me, and by chance, I discovered something I truly love doing.

Recruiting is a lot of fun. Every week I have the pleasure of speaking to new people from different backgrounds. I get to hear about their lives, find shared interests, learn new facts, and build relationships. Yes, I’m a people person, and I’m incredibly enthusiastic. It comes naturally to me to throw my energy behind one brand and vision. But that’s what I was missing, because at a staffing agency I only recruited for other companies, and I was not reaching my full potential.

Then, KLIK came across my radar. I was very drawn to KLIK for many reasons but primarily: one, I was impressed by its origin; two, KLIK was changing the digital marketing space through pioneering a data-driven approach; and the third, most important factor was I saw joining KLIK as an opportunity to build an organization, especially one ripe for explosive growth.

I’m lacking in digital marketing experience and I can’t contribute to the work we do for our partners. But I can find the “people-power” who have the skills to accomplish what KLIK has set out to do. Leading KLIK’s hiring efforts and building an organization of individuals with great talents and backgrounds feels so rewarding and meaningful.

Since joining KLIK, my biggest takeaway is we are fresh, organizationally. I never realized how rigid and old-school other companies are with their practices until starting with KLIK. Top-down, everything feels like a new way of doing things. Being a startup, we are not bound to customs but rather we are encouraged to try new strategies to discover a better way.

I am so proud to be a part of the KLIK team. We value and support one another. We value autonomy and work-life balance. We excite and energize each other. They’re tangible aspects that I will never again take for granted.

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