Why I Joined KLIK – Meet Sean Kaku

KLIK Staff

November 12, 2021

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My name is Sean Kaku and I joined KLIK as a Digital Marketing Coordinator back in August 2021. I graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Economics in May of 2020. I am a native to the Northern Virginia area and grew up only a few blocks away from the current KLIK office. 

Like many during this time I was struggling to find work and out of college ended up working as a Loan Officer which I loathed doing everyday. It was simply a means to a paycheck and every morning I woke up wishing for the day to be over already. Being a Loan Officer was nowhere close to what I imagined myself doing or wanting to do after college. Then I stumbled upon KLIK which has been life changing for me. I no longer wake up every morning wishing the day was already done, but instead excited to see what new skills I would learn and develop. 

KLIK caught my eye because working for small startup companies has always suited me better. They have typically had a bigger emphasis on creating a team that works well together and where each member is seen. Whereas bigger companies typically have this feel of working at a factory where each part is seen as nothing more than a gear in the system that can just be replaced when burnt out. KLIK from the beginning felt like a company that cared about its employees and understood that yes work needs to be done, but the health and wellbeing of its workers are also important. They also take the time to make sure that you understand the work you are doing and develop the correct skills to accomplish those tasks. 

Not only is KLIK a small company but it is also in the Marketing field which I had always had an interest in. The great thing about marketing is that it brings together data and creativity. I had the data side down as that was basically my major in college. Economics had a big emphasis on statistics and taking data and making decisions based on that information. But not only did it make sense because of my major, marketing also caught my eye because it’s what makes the economy run. It’s how you draw in consumers to spend their money and being able to understand that is interesting to me. 

I have worked at KLIK for about 2 months now and it has been more than I could have asked for. From the get go everyone was super welcoming and helpful through the onboarding process. Anytime I had a question about something I was unfamiliar about they would help without hesitation. Management was also super helpful in making sure that I was understanding everything along the way and wasn’t being given too much at once. I have learned so much about the field of Marketing and Data Analysis as well as how a company should be. The skills I have learned here are skills that I can carry with me for the rest of my life. 

KLIK is a great company to work for and work with. Not only do they care about their workers but about the work they provide for their clients. They aren’t a company that will do the bare minimum to get paid. They strive to go above and beyond for their clients making sure they are providing the best service possible. This is a company that is striving to be the best and can definitely reach it. 

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