Why Interning with a Startup like KLIK is Invaluable

KLIK Staff

April 17, 2018

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When starting your search for internships, it seems obvious that you should prioritize big names in business and tech. This is not without reason; landing an internship with a well-known company undoubtedly has its perks. Interning with a Deloitte or a Booz Allen carries a certain reputation around campus: your peers will be jealous and your professors and potential employers, impressed. What these companies do not offer, however, is the opportunity to become a valued member of a dynamic business landscape that can only be found interning for a startup.

Working with a startup, you’ll quickly learn that adaptability and resourcefulness are at the core of the business. On my first day at KLIK Media, I was on an international conference call within hours of starting. I developed real-life work experience and contributed to the evolution of the business on my first day. Moreover, KLIK provided me with the opportunity to work side-by-side with digital marketing experts. At my disposal was a mentor with digital media expertise and multiple opportunities to develop relationships much more impactful than a mere LinkedIn connection. Within the next few weeks, I had been asked to do countless tasks I didn’t have a ton of experience doing. When things failed, I learned from it and developed new skills. When things succeeded, I felt inspired to be doing impactful work for a company I believed in. Startups like KLIK don’t just provide you with the opportunity to develop skills, they force you to. 

At KLIK, every day presents new challenges and opportunities. Each project I was presented with had flexibility and an open-endedness attached that allowed me to develop the finished product my own way. This flexibility allowed me to hone in on problem-solving skills I wouldn’t have the chance to explore at a bigger name company where things must be done a certain way. Apart from the flexibility, the most rewarding aspect of working with a startup like KLIK is that you can see your work impacting the direction of the company. Everything you do will have a clear purpose, there is no time for busy work or inconsequential projects. 

As an undergrad, it is easy to get set in the natural progression of your peers; snag an internship with a name that holds high regard, complete projects that you aren’t passionate about, at a company that sees you as just another number. But why not take the chance to better yourself with an employer that cares about your personal growth? If a workplace that is energizing, supportive, and unpredictable – in the best way – appeals to you, then consider interning at a startup like KLIK.

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