Case Study


GetSmarter partners with the world’s leading universities to offer premium short courses with a data-driven focus on skills. The company offers over 170 online short courses with 18 leading universities.

The objective

GetSmarter partnered with KLIK to drive enrollment across a portfolio of 14 online short training courses. KLIK used a tailored approach across Google Search to boost revenue and visibility for GetSmarter. 
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increase in
revenue YoY
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decrease in
cost per lead
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Our approach

KLIK consulted and provided strategic guidance across GetSmarter’s full portfolio. Providing critical back-end work on account structure and restructuring strategies needed to drive revenue from Google Search. KLIK ran thousands of campaigns across Google Search for GetSmarter. With a revenue goal as the driver, KLIK produced year-over-year growth through geo optimization and expansion, extensive device testing, keyword expansion, ad copy testing, and a comprehensive focus on data analysis and account management.

The results

Those optimizations drove a 29% increase in revenue and a 66% increase in leads across the accounts, all while driving the cost per lead down by 3%. For smaller accounts, KLIK oversaw nearly a 400% growth in revenue. The results demonstrate KLIK’s data-driven, hands-on account management-focused pursuit of revenue for clients.

29% increase
in revenue YoY
3% decrease
in cost per lead
66% increase
in leads