Organic Services

SEO is the foundation of your holistic marketing strategy.

SEO means structuring websites to connect your brand with your audience. At KLIK, we believe a combination of quality content and excellent technical SEO to meet crawlers’ needs is critical to organic growth.

The Value of SEO

Be visible when customers are searching for answers.

It’s not enough to simply have a beautifully designed website. To get in front of the right prospects, businesses today must invest in data-driven SEO. A well-optimized SEO strategy not only drives efficiency with paid marketing efforts but also guides users from awareness to conversion.

Service Details

Our end-to-end organic marketing solutions.

We understand marketing is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. That is why we work with you to offer custom packages from the deliverables below to meet your current business needs.


Keyword Research and Strategy

Comprehensive keyword research and competitive analysis to understand how your audience is searching.


Organic Landing Page Optimization

Recommendations for on-page optimizations and content updates to improve ranking performance and CTR.



A website health check to analyze back-end performance and crawlability and ensure that crawlers can read every aspect of your site. 


Content Gap

An analysis of current content performance and insights to identify content gaps and opportunities to further increase visibility. 


Competitor Analysis

Data-focused research on competitors’ website performance to identify strategies that will give you an advantage in the SERPs.



Regular analysis to evaluate organic growth and monitor site health to build upon site strategy and act on striking distance keyword opportunities.



Ongoing strategic consulting to assist with implementation and strategy changes to ensure you achieve your business’ organic growth goals.



Empowering your team through strategy and implementation training that allows you to build upon the SEO foundation that we have established.

Not sure where to start?

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